Sporting Activities Conducted Outdoors

People involve themselves in sporting activities either for leisure, as a hobby or because of their keen interest in it. If you feel the need to be energized then the most sought-after recreational activity is sporting. Sports also make you active and provide you with refreshing liveliness. Concentrating completely on work and they were taking out time to relax brings in the party and makes you dull. Sporting activities help in keeping you fit and healthy. There are number of individuals who play just because they are interested in the game or play sports because it is their hobby. However, others consider sports as a career itself.

People residing in different countries have different tastes when it comes to sports just like how the taste for food changes from country to country. People are different and that is exactly why the choice of sports also is different. For example people in India die for cricket parents and Americans are more inclined to watch baseball and basketball.

The sports played on the field are termed as outdoor sports. Sports such as hockey, rugby, cricket, baseball, cycling and athletics are all outdoor sports.

There are a lot of outdoor sports that includes but is not limited to cricket, hockey, cycling, golfing, skateboarding etc. a few of them are described below,

Cricket is an amusing sport that people equally love to play as well as watch and enjoy. It is called a team sport because there are two teams playing against each other. Cricket is played to the motive of winning and therefore is competitive in nature. Two teams compete against each other with the sole intention of winning.

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Creating Confidence and Belief in Sport

One of the most common mistakes athletes make when trying to create unshakable confidence and believe in themselves – and what to do instead.

–>Not “Getting” Why You Lack Confidence<–

To learn the skill of creating breakthrough confidence, we need to “get” why we lack confidence in the first place. When athletes lack confidence, it’s for one simple reason. We are experiencing fear: nerves, self-doubt, and performance anxiety.

Fear is the opposite of confidence – so when we’re gripped by it, confidence is impossible. Therefore, to create breakthrough confidence, we need to understand what’s making us afraid in the first place.

Most athletes are afraid because they have been programmed by parents, coaches, and teammates to be obsessed with three things:

1. Performing well
2. Winning
3. Being confident

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